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CRESOLAR NEW ARRIVAL-Diamond series smart solar led street light
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New Year and new development, in solar street light field, CRESOLAR would never stop their development step in solar light. In May of 2018, CRESOLAR has finally launched out its new design, the newly independent battery cabinet and solar controller all in one solar led street light.

Compared to former solar led street lamp, the battery is contained inside the lamp body but without separated sealed packing, so many clients has a little worry for the safety of the battery. Although it is very safe for former packing, but in order to avoid client’s worry and make the lamp more professional, our engineer has improved this technology for the battery and solar controller. This step has progressed a big step to solve the problem in case if the battery or solar controller has any problem. This kind of design, one side it makes the battery safer and the other side, it doesn’t need to take off the whole lamp and open the lamp body to replace the battery, it is very easy to take off the whole battery part and change the new replace one, it has simplified the replacement procedure a lot and also save a lot of labor cost.  

Another big feature for this Diamond series solar street road light is the smart remote control design. It has a remote controller, which has 3 working mode: a. time control mode, b. PIR sensor control mode, c. Mixed time control and PIR sensor control mode. Clients can choose the working mode by local customized needing.

Of course including the above features, it has improved in many other details, such as: 1. Adopting special aluminum material, with good heat dissipation effect. 2. The whole body is no connection seam, more graceful. Die casting aluminum alloy material for profiles, prevent solar panels from sliding. 3. The whole lamp can be put into water, IP66 stronger waterproof.

CRESOLAR Technology Co., Ltd. is a high tech enterprise which is specialized in developing, producing and marketing of Solar LED products. CRESOLAR was founded in Shenzhen in 2012, its major business is focus on solar LED lighting products. Welcome more cooperation!




Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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CRESOLAR Black KINGKONG Solar Street Light Development Features
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After the launch to clients, CRESOLAR black Kingkong all in one solar led street light has attractive many clients attention. But without samples at hand to check, many clients may think this series of solar lamp is just changed a painting in outside, but actually absolutely not only this! From the outlook to the inner structure, this series of solar led street light has been made a big different change, here please follow up the below information to know more about it in inside parts:

1.    The LED brand:

Philips LED, high lumen reaches 110lm/w, high brightness, at the same time, its light decay is more stable.

2.    Separated battery cabinet:

The battery is sealed by a separated cabinet inside of the lamp. It has improved the waterproof rating, extending the product life a lot.

3.    Angle adjustable function:

Different installation place and different environment conditions, the installation angle will be different from each other, for this design it has meet the demand flexible, clients can adjust the installation angle from 15-45degree. Much more flexible than before.

4.    Professional Optical Lighting design:

It has adopted the advanced polarized lens in 150°X 70°, it has improved a lot for the utilization of light and uniformity, making the lamp meet the road lighting standards.

5.    Smart Remote Control:

It is designed by 3 different working modes: time control, sensor control, time and sensor mixed control, all the 3 lighting model is controlled by a remote control, clients can choose the proper working mode depends on the actual needing. The distance of the remote controller can be used within 10M. Very intelligent.

In a word, it is a developed technical of us, has improved and broke some obstacles of solar integrated light in normal. For more details, please kindly contact with our sales. 



Happy National Holiday and Mid-Autumn Festival
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Warmly celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival and the National Day festival on 2017, CRESOLAR wishes all of you enjoy the National Day and have a happy Mid-Autumn Festival with your farmily! The holiday date is from 2017.10.01 to 2017.10.08. 


CRESOLAR All In One Solar LED Street Light shows up in Botswana
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Botswana is a small country and less of electricity. Our cooperator in Botswana is a local contractor. They have farms, hotels and shopping malls etc. At the first time they met our goods and were attracted by its sun power working function, without any electricity and esp. it can be installed at anywhere but without any installation cables or complex installation. That’s the biggest features they are looking for.


Clients have chosen 8W, 15W, 25W, 40W and 80W solar led lighting for different places using. Some even installed in unimaginable places, different pole shape. Open a new range for the lamp in outdoor light using.


In Sep. 3th, 2017, client flied from Botswana to CRESOLAR for talking more cooperation for solar products with each other. After they installed the integrated, it has got the attention from local official manager. They have presented the 80W solar street light to vice president in a show conference, and expecting to get more projects in the next coming year.


Welcome for more cooperation with CRESOALR for solar LED light products.




CRESOLAR Has finished the project for 300pcs 20W all in one solar led street light in Hunan, China
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On the hot August, CRESOLAR has finished the project for the 20W all in one solar led street light in Chitang town, Hunan Province. The local villagers are very happy for the bright lighting in every light. Before the small village is always in dark when night comes, Kids couldn’t enjoy a bright environment in the outside ground. And this 300sets all in one solar lights has solved the dark days for the villagers. The solar lamps has brighten their life and make they enjoy more of life.


In the past, solar was expensive, and grid power was cheap. And the development of technology, each year the price of electricity goes up and the price of solar power goes down. Mix this trend with local and federal incentives (which may not be around forever), and a positive return-on-investment is easily achieved. So now the government is paying more attention to energy saving and cost saving for country electricity now. In some provinces, over time, the return-on-investment rivals what you could expect from a decent mutual fund.


Beside for the construction of the village, it also brings a performance to local official. And this also benefits to the environment, and you can see why solar power for homes and businesses is becoming more and more popular. The technology is now quite straightforward; put solar modules on your property, and the sun’s energy is directly converted into power for your home, which offsets the amount of electricity otherwise purchased from the power company.


Welcome to know more about CRESOLAR solar products. 


Solar Garden Lights
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Nowadays you can find powerful and reliable solar garden lights with ultra bright LEDs.


Solar garden lamps are perfect if you need to keep your home or garden safe. Using solar lighting to secure your properties is a wise decision. Free energy, easy installation and minimum maintenance are the main advantages you’ll get.


Solar yard lights comprise of self-contained complete solar panel, ultra bright LEDs array, rechargeable batteries and an infrared motion detector.


On most models you will find small knobs allowing adjustment of the perimeter you wish to protect, the lighting duration and the sensor sensitivity.

 The motion detector (PIR) will trigger the light for a short period of time only when someone walks inside the security perimeter.


CRESOLAR added new member-All in Two Solar Batten Light
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Nowadays with the development of solar technology, more and more products can be allocated with solar power to save more electricity for human beings. In 2017, in this hot summer season, CRESOLAR has added a new member—solar batten light in its solar product lines.


Solar Batten Light can be called many different names, such as solar linear light, solar tri-proof light, solar tube light and solar carport light. It is capable to meet many applications and challenging solar lighting requirements with extremely simple and easy installation capability. It is a perfect solution for many outdoor applications such as carports, bus shelters, warehouses, temporary shelters, outdoor kiosks, street kiosks, camping tents, Boats or any remote locations where grid is a challenge. Power and length of the lights can be customized to meet different project requirements as well.


CRESOLAR Solar Batten Light (solar linear light/solar tube light/ solar tri-proof light/solar carport light) is designed as all in two combination, it is used to vast solar lighting applications in urban and rural living. The product has built-in Lithium battery and charge controller integrated with high power led source makes the light a unique weather proof lighting fixture with the advantage of solar. The easy MC4 plug in set up makes the light extremely easy for installation and portability. Built with high quality components,


And the main features of the solar batten light are as below:

1. Efficient Control System

MPPT controller is adapted to all solar batten lights, charging faster by 30% than PWM controller. It ensures battery full-charged each day and every night without black even if sunshine intensity is not stable all the year round.


2. Big Battery Capacity Backup

Compact solar light system design with built-in lithium battery. More than 4 days autonomy in energy saving mode or 12 hrs working in constant lighting with 100% power. Never worry about out of power any more. European countries where are less of sunshine is none problem.


3. 72 Variable Lighting Modes

With 72 different lighting modes built-in, setting a customized lighting mode is pretty by remote. Energy saving and constant lighting modes are switchable freely. What’s more, lighting brightness and duration can be settled separately.


4. Better Induction Performance 

Microwave (radar) sensor is built-in. Comparing with PIR sensor, it can be triggered in a wider angle and longer distance. Ensuring the light can get ON or brighter immediately without any delay.


5. IP67 Waterproof

Complete plastic material external housing, with aluminum bar in side for more efficient heat dissipation, perfectly designed for indoor or outdoor applications. Dust or moisture never goes inside.


6. Smooth Lighting Distribution

Using 0.2W SMD led chips as 0.1W only, derived by lower current, more than 130lm/watt practically allows less power achieves higher efficiency than low market solar lights.


CRESOLAR Solar Batten Light (solar linear light/solar tube light/ solar tri-proof light/solar carport light) can meet project requirements as well in any challenging environments. The Light power range is able from 12 watts to 48 watts.


Welcome to contact with us for more details.



CRESOLAR High Lumen All-In-Two Solar Flood Light glorily face to market in 2017
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In this passion burning August, CRESOLAR has launched out its new All-In-Two solar led flood light series. This is a special solar lighting solution for remote area as well as traditional billboard lighting spots. It is a perfect & ideal option for the billboard or any flood lighting where the on-grid electricity cannot reach easily. It is also a good alternative solution to replace normal flood light like metal halide type to save more energy and cost. No maintenance, save labor and cost. It is a green, energy-saving 100% and simple-installation solution comparing to normal flood light. Moreover, with built-in battery and controller, customers only need to plug light to solar panel via universal MC4 plugs directly. It is a stable and quick installation method. IP67 waterproof design makes it a great ideal solution for outdoor lighting using. It supports more than 12 hours full power lighting which can be used for many emergency applications, like rescue or refugee tents or any portable lighting.


For the solar control part, it is adopting MPPT (Max Power Point Tracking) Control System, the battery is charged faster by 30% at least comparing normal PWM controller. This guarantees good lighting for every night even if with a lower sunshine radiation in winter. No more worry about black out in most of European countries where sunshine is always weak. Separated solar panel can be increased according to local sunshine radiation. 


This lighting fixture contains solar light head and solar panel connected by 2.5MM2 cables with UNIVERSAL MC4 plugs. Distance from light to panel can reach to 30meters. It is a reliable and durable stand alone solar lighting solution for sustainable billboard lighting ,Advertising board, Car parking lighting, Garden  lighting, Facade lighting, etc . It is quite perfect in arid, tropical and temperate environments.


As a solar system using, different places may have different sunshine time, so surely the customized function can be achieved as requested, warmly welcome OEM & ODM.



CRESOLAR Colorful 15Watt UFO All in One Integrated Solar LED Street Light
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CRESOLAR Solar Landscape Path Lights UFO 15W is designed based on the inspiration and power from scientific universe. It is compacted all in one design, has integrated solar panel, led lamp, battery and solar controller in on body. Except the scientific design, its compact body also has helped to save a lot of shipping cost for clients. And with the help of the controller and PIR sensor, it realizes the functions of high brightness with low energy, long lifespan and free maintenance.

And with enter into 2017, according to our clients’ requirement, and also to make our UFO all in one solar led path lights to be suitable for more applications, our engineer has improved its showing function based on its normal design. We make it colorful in addition in order to make the lamp more decorative and more widely using. Because it is most used for garden or park, colorful decoration function is necessary. So at present for our 15Watt UFO All in One Integrated Solar LED Street Lighting, we have three options for clients to choose in working mode: 1. Only in cool white or warm white, 2. In 7 colors in normal showing, 3. 7 colors n gradient color.

After the first time for the 15W solar power garden light recommendation to clients, it has attracted many clients’ choosing.

Also this lamp is designed with PIR, when people comes across, the lamp will turn on, and when passengers leave, it will turn off by 30% or 50% down, has realized the second time energy saving. It is a great choice for solar back yard light using.

The new developed low power solar LED road lighting is dedicated for the lane in city and town, residential and village road, etc. Smart and slim designed housing creates a melodious and elegant appearance for roads. Higher efficacy luminaries in solar lighting system could save more size of PV panel and battery with less initiate price.

Welcome to contact with us for more details.  



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80W CCTV camera all in one solar street light was installed in Ibadan University, Nigeria
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In 14th of July, 2017, CRESOLAR's 80W all in one solar led street lamps have been installed in the University of Ibadan, Oyo state. The local offical are very satisfied with this demo project. In future there would be projects. 

This project is a new one, pole is nearly 30meters high. and 80W is a customized item for clients this time. actaully for this proejct, the two parties have discussed with each other many time. after the goods arrived client's side, their engineer spent a whole night to make the test and adjustment for the lamp with camera. because it is different as the normal solar integrated light, it needs clients to be patience to follow up one step by step for the using for the app of camera using. During this procedure, we are highly appreciated for the engineer's hard work. 

And also during the dicussion with client's engiener, it has also improved us for more aspects to remind our clients to pay attention too. After the using of the lamp, our clients have given a highly compliment and praise for our products and our technicals. They said it is amazing, and in future we can realize more functions. Pls expecting for more. 



CRESOLAR new global starboard - Black Kingkong series of integrated solar street lights
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On 6th of July in 2017, CRESOLAR has launched out its new member in solar integrated light range----the KINGKONG series.

This series of light is designed based on our all in one solar led street light. But compared to the former design, it has incorporated new design elements---Kingkong rock metal color, it has adopted the completed new technology and new material,. From the appearance, you may think the engineer should be a rock youth and has an uninhibited spirit. Moreover, based on the former design, pls kindly let us go to its improved parts which are the most important development:

  1. Adopt high lumen Philips 3030 LED, which can reach 100-110lm/w, much brighter than before.
  2. Enlarged the light view angle: before our beam angle is 120degree, but now the beam angle is 150°X 70°, more wider.
  3. Adjustable lamp based for the lamp, before our solar integrated light lamp based is fixed and couldn’t be adjusted its installation angle, but now, the adjustable lamp based can be in 15°to 45°, it makes more fixable in installation for clients and absorbs the sun light in most effective way.
  4. The most important is we have make it more intelligent control than before, it has settled the light by remote control in 3 working modes: a. motion sensor, b. time control, c. mixed mode by time control(in former night 5hrs by 50%) and motion sensor(in later half night).
  5. Using new high-tech electronic switch.
  6. Smaller again in shipping, saving shipping cost in max.

Of course the biggest point for us to design this model is to save the cost! Its cost has been deducted a lot. For more details, pls contact with our sales to know more. Welcome to contact and visit us for more professional technical parameters.

Cresolar Technology Co., Ltd. is a high tech enterprise which is specialized in developing, producing and marketing of Solar LED products. Cresolar was founded in Shenzhen in 2012, its major business is focus on solar LED lighting products. With the development of these years’ experience, Cresolar has occupied 6000 square meters factory area and has more than 120 staffs, and among 20% of the staffs are R&D engineers. Welcome OEM & ODM cooperation.



New Arrival---Multi-functional Innovation Intelligent Solar LED Street Light
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According to the requirements of general clients' demand, CRESOLAR has explored a new strong intelligent solar led street light. The whole control of all functions can be realized, and all the street lights in one project can be controlled at one time. The remote voice broadcast, a remote alarm and remote monitoring functions and so on, in the following near future, CRESOLAR will share with all clients for the more details and technology information for the new strong energies.


Here pls kindly let us make a general introduction of the main function of this design:


1.    The solar power and wind hybrid power can be complemented with each other.

2.    With complementary city power available in case if there is no power for solar or wind hybrid, to ensure the lamp working normally.

3.    The light automatically adapts to the local illumination / wind conditions and automatically adjusts its back up continuous raining days.

4.    365 days working, no lighting-off.

5.    Remote control for lights on and off.

6.    Remote setting parameters.

7.    Remote reading lights’ status, fault information, charge and discharge and historical data etc.

8.    Remote transmitting broadcast information.

9.    Remote alarm function.

10.  Pole one button alarm function.

11.  Remote monitoring function.

12.  Remote view history monitoring pictures.


At present, it mainly designed 4watts as the main solar street light, the main street light models are: 30W, 60W, 100W and 120W. The software to our this new innovation all in one solar street light now is available for Android mobile APP, IOS phone APP is ongoing, will come soon.


And regarding the sub solar street lamp configuration to the main integrated solar street light, clients can choose CRESOLAR standard solar street lighting, and just by adding a wireless communication transponder (Please kindly be noted: the farthest distance with the main street light should be within 5 km) is OK. A main street lamp can be allocated with 200 sub solar led street lamps, except the audio features and monitoring function, the sub street lamp’s all other functions are the same as the main street lighting, it also has the remote control function.


It is hard to describe all information in detail to our this new innovation solar integrated light in one article, warmly welcome clients come to consult our sales for more information and technical data.



Celebrate Chinese Traditional Dragon Boat Festival
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In order to celebrate the traditional Dragon Boat Festival, Cresolar's holidya starts from 28th to 30th of May, 3 days off. 

                                  (Photo is taken by Zhang Yougang, photo provided by

Normally in this kind of festival, elders are buys with Zongzi, which ware pyramid-shaped snacks made of glutinous rice rice ball stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves, during the Dragon Boat Festival. 

                   (Photo is taken by Zhang Yougang, photo provided by

Also Dragon Boat Race is am important celebration activity in this big day! In this day, whole villagers will go out to cheers! An extremely exciting day!


Celebrate Cresolar Has Finished the project for 80W all in one street light in Phillipines
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Recently Cresolar has received the feedback for the project of Philippines' client for our 80W solar street light installation. 

It has brighted the light construction for city and brighs a great conveninect light for local people, also the light installation has become a apart of the sight, making the city more charming and beauty.


Cresolar has lanched New Design for Smart Solar Street Light-Fly Hawk design
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On 21st of Jan, 2017 CRESOLAR has lauched out its new generation design memeber in smart intelligent solar led street light range. It looks like a flying hawk who is free in sky. it has broke the tradtional design, and make more attractive for view. 

After it was lauched out to old clients, it has atractived more attention. 

Early birds get the early worm, pls contact with us for more details to take up the market. 


40W solar street light installed in Burundi Beach area
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In 2013, CRESOLAR developed a smart, integrated, solar LED street light system from 8watt to 40watt. The design is unique because we combined all the parts (solar panel, battery, lamp, controller) in one whole unit. The power options include 8watt, 12watt, 15watt, 20watt, 25watt, 30watt and 40watt.

In March 2013 one of our Burundi customers told us they wanted solar LED lighting for their villa hotel in the beach area. Because it was near the sea, it was not easy to connect to regular city electricity, not convenient for wires, and there would be large waves coming up by sea-wind. 

If traditional solar street lights were used, the client would need to find a place to hold the battery cabinet, which is not feasible in the beach area. 

So we recommended our integrated solar street light, considering the different applications involved. The customer selected the 8watt , 15watt and 40watt smart solar systems; 8watt is for lighting the corridor, 15watt lights the walkway, and 40watt lights the beach. The mounting height is also different: 40watt system is mounted at 7meter pole; 15watt system is at 5meter pole; 8watt system is mounted to the roof (3meter height from the ground). 

It is really green lighting -- using the abundant sunshine in Burundi, there is no consumption of regular electricity and no carbon dioxide; the LED light source provides 70% energy savings; and there are no wires to protect and maintain. 

About CRESOLAR Lighting products 

CRESOLAR provides outdoor and indoor LED lighting, such as integrated solar street light systems, street lights, high bay lights, flood lights, high bay retrofits, tube lights, candle lights, bulbs, etc. 

The key features of the integrated solar street light's unique design are: 

1. All of the parts are combined and integrated in one whole unit; it saves capacity and freight charges. 

2. With motion sensors, when visitors pass by, the brightness will be 100%; if no one is passing, brightness will lower 30%-50%, saving energy. 

3. The lights automatically turn on at sunrise and turn off at sunset; this function is enabled by the solar panel and control system. 

4. Easy installation, just mount to a pole, no bracket, no battery cabinet, no wires, and no need to connect to electrical sources.


Cresolar solar integrated light becomes “the shining star” in China Countryside
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In 2015 - 2016, CRESOLAR increased the pace of the solar street light construction in new rural countryside. With the advance of new rural construction, rural road lighting project has become a big part of the plan in official’s new rural construction plan. However, in the past, because of the complex phenomenon of rural areas, rural lighting project existed a lot of difficulties, such as:

1, Investment issues for road lighting construction project;
2, The installation process is complex, it has to occupy agricultural land, digging, layout the cable etc.
3, It has to pay the electricity charge, because the cost can’t be solved, so it resulted in the issue that after the installation of the lam, most the lamp almost are not bright, it didn’t play a real role of lighting efficiency to peoples.
4, The maintenance work is cost too, as replacement parts, the original device and so on.
5, Energy consumption is too big, no energy saving but cause environment pollution problem.

But by the using of the solar street lights, all the problems have been solved directly. Solar Street Light has properly solved all the existence problems in rural lighting construction; it becomes a new "star" role in rural country construction.

And the biggest advantages of solar street light are as below:

1, Energy saving, environmental protection and it is the green lighting which our country vigorously promote.
2, Investment funds is easier to be solved, because it is energy-saving environmental protection products, in all places esp. for new rural countryside construction project, our state of government will give special founds support.
3, Less investment, comprehensive economic benefits is basically the same as conventional street.
4, The installation of solar street light is quite simple, no need digging ditch, and the construction duration is also short.
5, No electricity charges, 100% by sun power.
6, Almost maintenance free, because the LED light source life of more than 10 years.
7, Smart all in one design, more attractive than the traditional street light, forming a beautiful landscape in countryside area.
8, Solar Street light brings the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection to people in rural areas, and guide the rural people awareness of energy conservation.

In the past few years, CRESOLAR has built dozens of solar street light in new rural construction in Hunan, Hubei, Inner Mongolia and other large, it has bought bright and convenient to local villagers life, making their night warm and beautiful in everyday.

To 2017, CRESOLAR believe that they will bright more bright and convenient to more rural villages. Let us work together!

From Cresolar


Cresolar 70W and 80W all in one solar led street light Volkswage
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With the development of CRESOLAR technology, on May of 2015 CRESOLAR has issued its biggest design for 70w & 80w all in one solar led street light. It is a breakthrough for these years’ investigation. As all know that because the solar led street light system is limited by the size of solar panel, so normally the power of the solar led street light system won’t too high power as in 120W as the biggest. And to all in one solar led street light, it especially a big challenge, as you know all the parts as the solar panel, lithium battery and solar controller etc all should be in one body, the engineers not only has to consider the size of the whole body which can be installed on the pole or not, but also they has to consider the problem if the solar panel can absorb enough solar energy to transfer to the battery and then turns to electricity to the lamp.


For our first generation, the biggest power we can do is 40W in 2012, and in 2013 we explore the power from 40W to 50W and 60W. And in this year, we take no more than 1year to explore the available power to 70W and 80W. It is an excellent job!


Let us see how they are,


The new design for the 70W and 80W, adopt SUNPOWER high efficiency monocrystal silicon 18V90W solar panel, its life time is 25years, and lithium battery we choose famous brand MOTTCELL which holds for 5years life time. For the LED lamp, our engineer combine the same idea as our new COB series light source for 50W and 60W, the new COB design makes the lamp look like more elegant and fashion, also its chip is high brightness Bridgelux from USA, high lumen efficiency.


Nowadays, all in one solar integrated led street light will be used more and more range based on its philosophy to save the energy of the earth, we believe more and more rural or less power area will adopt Cresolar brightness idea to life, and make the world more bright and happy.


Welcome to contact with Cresolar for agent for our all in one solar led street light of the world.


Cresolar has 6 years experience in manufacturing and exporting LED lighting, such as LED street light, LED flood light, LED high bay light, LED shoebox parking lot light, LED tube light, LED bulbs, LED panels and so on. We now exported to over 80 countries all over the world.


Welcome OEM /ODM with Cresolar.

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