12W-48W All-In-Two Solar Tube Light

1. High lumen, 120-130lm/w, smooth lighting distribution

2. Sun powered, 100% energy saving;

3. Built-in infrared sensor, can adjust the light output automatically;

4. Efficient Control System, it adopts MPPT controller which is charging faster by 30% than PWM controller.

5. Big battery capacity backup, no need to worry about the lamp is out of battery any more.

6. With 72 different lighting modes built-in, setting a customized lighting mode is pretty by remote

7. Microwave (radar) sensor is built-in, better induction performance

8. IP67 waterproof, can be used anywhere.

9. Dimmable in microwave sensor is available.



This item can be called many different names, such as solar tri-proof light, solar linear light, solar tube light, so it is widely used, for example, the carports, bus shelters, warehouses, temporary shelters, outdoor kiosks, street kiosks, camping tents, Boats or any remote locations where grid is a challenge. It is portable and easy installation. Most of all, this product power and length can be customized to meet different project requirements as well.


CRESOLAR Solar Batten Light (also can be called solar linear light/solar tube light/solar carport light) is designed to vast solar lighting applications in urban and rural living. The product has built-in Lithium battery and charge controller integrated with high power led source makes the light a unique weather proof lighting fixture with the advantage of solar. The easy MC4 plug in set up makes the light extremely easy for installation and portability. Built with high quality components, CRESOLAR solar batten carport light can meet project requirements as well in any challenging environments. The solar Triproof LED Linear Light power is able from 12 watts to 48 watts.



Produce   Name: CO-X48W CO-X36W CO-X24W CO-X18W CO-X12W
Solar Panel: 18V / 100W  18V / 80W   18V / 60W 18V / 50W  18V / 40W 
Lithium Battery: 12V / 528WH 12V / 396WH  12V / 288WH 12V / 200WH 12V / 144WH
LED Max Power: 12V /48W 12V /36W 12V /24W 12V /18W 12V /12W
LED Chip Brand: 504PCS SMD3528 384PCS SMD3528 264PCS SMD352 192PCS SMD3528 144PCS SMD3528
Lumen: 55000lm 4200lm 3000lm 2200lm 1500lm
LED Life Time: 50000hrs
Beam Angle: 120°
Charging time: 6 hrs (with enough strong sunshine), back up 5-7 rainy days
Discharging Time:  >48 hrs
Lighting Mode: 72 modes available, easy to choose by remote control.
Control Method:  Remote & Switch
Default Setting:  50% 12hrs 100% when sensor is triggered, built-in 72 different lighting modes.
Controller Type: PWM OR MPPT  
Sensor Type: Microwave Sensor
CCT.: 3000-6500K                                                            
Size:  Product: 90*85*1200mm, solar panel: 1000*670*30mm  
Carton Size: 12*20*125CM  
Qty./Ctn.:  2PCS/CTN
N.W.: 7.7KG  
G.W.:  8.2KG  


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